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between Banner Elk and Valle Crucis,NC

Take a break and relax in a comfortable Studio Space located on an old family farm the quiet Matney/Shawneehaw Community surrounded by fields and forest. Just off the scenic By-way, Winding Stair Gap (HWY 194) between historic Valle Crucis and the town of Banner Elk. Perfect for a couple or single bicyclists, hikers, skiers, or just a weekend getaway. This space is dog friendly to well d dogs and their owners.

The Little Bear Studio is a private space that shares a roof and lawn with the Little Bear House. It features a a private deck and parking area.

. Studio Common Space

Little Bear Studio is a large newly rennovated common space wth an adjacent full bath. The common space features a comfortable queen size murphy bed, a full leather sofa, a full fireplace with electric insert and a dining area in front of a picture window. The room opens onto a small deck with an excellent view of the surronding landscape. Little Bear Studio is a comfortable and retreat from the world.

Marble Fireplace with Electric Ins'ert

The full marble fireplace is old school and is a focal point of the room. We have added an electric insert that is almost the same as the real thing with all the convenience of modern technology, The flames dance behind the glass safely through the night keeping the studio toasty. Enjoy!

Newly rennovated full Bath with Shower and Tub . 
 The adjacent bath is private to the studio. It features a newly rennovated space with a full tub/shower and plenty of fresh fluffy towels. Just what a busy vacationer needs after a long day on the trails or slopes or shopping.
The Field and Grouds

The field and grounds are the lure of this place. Shawneehaw Outpost shares a family farm that originated in the 30's and was later run by Jay and Dot Bliss. The boundaries of the farm are much the same as they were in the 1930s. To the right and back of the property, the forest is owned by the Episcopal Mission and continues all the way down the mountain to the Apple Barn and Conference


The open field is a part of the farm that has housed horses or cattle from time to time but is currently mown for hay and is the home to a wide variety of wild life including a small herd of deer and a flock of wild turkeys.

To the left and across the road the property is bordered by the farm which was owned for many years by Bill and Hester Smith, Dot's parents. The creek running through this property, Crab Orchard Creek, flows down the mountain and empties into the Watauga River. This creek is a small fresh water and relatively clean creek which is home to fresh water trout. (be sure to ask permission from Bill in the green house before visiting the creek).

Jason and Dusty live up the hill in the log cabin. This cabin is more than 100 years old. It is a combination of two old cabins which were reclaimed and reconstructed by Jay Bliss in the 70's.

Cooking Center

Our kitchenette is basically a wet bar with a nice microwave. We offer basic tableware and dishes to accomodate two guests as well as a variety of glasses and mugs. The Kitchenette also has a small under bar refridgator with Icemaker and a small bar size sink, While it is well equpped for a kitchenette, it is not designed for extensive cooking or dishwashing and is best used to reheat takeout or breakfast foods. Enjoy!

Coffee and ...

We offer a Ninja drip coffee maker and plenty of regular grind coffee, cream, and a variety of sweetners...along with a small variety of tea. The best news is the water is deep well water that is sweet and pure. No need for bottled water here. You may want to bring your own bottle and take some home with you.

Internet television

Local Television is unavailale in this area. Cable is not available and Digital Reception is very poor. We provide access to internet service/WIFI. There is a large wide screen smartTV where guests can access their personal apps, view their photos, or watch prime or netflix . What we lack in TV, we more than make up for in fireflies and stargazing!