Horses carry the wisdom of healing
in their hearts and offer it to any humans
who possess 
the humility to listen.


Liz and her husband John own and operate Jake's Flat Farm.  Liz is a licensed MCMHC in the state of North Carolina.  She also is a certified Professional School Counselor.  With over 30 years experience working with children and adolescents in public education, Liz is able to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to her private practice.  

Liz was born in Cheyenne Wyoming.  As the daughter of a rancher in Chugwater, she has lived amongst horses her entire life.  Her life has been blessed with relationships with many fine horses and ponies starting with her first pony, Yankee Doodle, to her current collection of 7 horses who live on the farm.  As avid animal lovers, John and Liz live with a variety of domestic pets and are caretakers and supporters of a variety of wildlife who come and go on the farm.

Liz is also an active artist and always has some project underway including epoxy art, painting, leatherwork, or fiberart.  She hopes to offer a variety of workshops, classes and expressive art sessions in the near future.