Palomino Quarter Horse Mare
Born: June 10, 2002

We purchased Gypsy's Golden Leigha, "Leigha" several years ago from an individual in Pulaski, Va.  Leigha is a big beauty with a long flaxen mane and tail.  Leigha is all girl and is an easy favorite when it comes time for braids and bows.  Leigha is a trusted favorite of many of our therapeutic riders and children.  Her quiet, patient nature draws children as well as adults who need a friend.  She is a favorite trail horse for all riders.  She has had extensive experience as a trail horse and as a therapeutic riding horse.  Although she only measures 15'1", she appears and feels much bigger.  Currently, Leigha is our quiet alpha mare and runs the herd with a gentle positive spirit.  To our knowledge she is a maiden mare and has had no babies of her own but she is quick to mother a child or pony when given the opportunity.  She also works well with people who have disabilities whether they are adults or children. Leigha is fast friends with Twinkle and Habibi but isn't above visiting with the boys from time to time.  Leigha loves carrots and a good nap in the afternoon, especially on summer days after a hot morning's work.  In June 2021, Leigha was diagnosed with a squamous cell tumor on the cornea of her left eye.  It was removed and treated by specialists at Carolina Eye Clinic.  So far we have had good results and the tumors haven't returned but Leigha has to wear a special UV protective Eye mask when she goes out in the sunshine.  The Vet said that she was more at risk for this type of cancer cue to her golden eye color.  We are so relieved and happy with her positive prognosis and to continue to be able to enjoy her as a healthy horse living life on the farm.