A number of special animals have graced our lives here at Jake's Flat Farm.  We offer this page as a memory page in honor of these wonderful creatures who brought us joy, peace and life lessons.


born:  April 1, 1987
Died:  October 31, 2011

ARK Firecon
Russian Egyptian Arabian
Born:  July 1989
Died:  February 2012




VENTURE'S LEGEND, aka Legend came to us from Heidi Stubbs about 2007.   Although Legend was registered as half-arab, he was actually about 7/8 arab, mostly blue star and blue list arab.  Blue Star and Blue List arabian horses are an exclusive line of horses that trace pure geneology back into strains that started with Muhammad.  These lines are guarded carefully and unusual in the United States.  He was trained in classical dressage by Heidi and ridden extensively in the show circuits on the East Coast.  He accepted his retirement gracefully.  well mostly.   When he arrived, Legend was convinced that children were a conspiracy to ruin his day and avoided interaction with anyone under 5' tall.  In the summer of 2008, he finally decided that children were not as bad as he thought and actually participated and enjoyed summer camp.  He always was the first in line to get tangles removed and loves a good bubble bath.  He always showed everyone how it is supposed to be done in the arena.  Legend became such a treasure in the barn.    After several years of living with malignant melanomas, his tumors had grown to the point that they were inoperable and impacting the quality of his life.  We spent the morning with him, brushing his fur, combing his mane and tail, and feeding him all of the favorite cookies he could eat in a sunny, grassy field before we sent him on over the Rainbow Bridge.  He will be sorely missed and was truly a special creature.

ARK FIRECON was a Russian Egyptian Arabian who moved to Jake's Flat Farm in 1989 at 15months old.  Firecon died unexpectedly February 1, 2012 and leaves a huge hole in our hearts.  As one of our first horses, Firecon leaves us with many fond memories. 
Firecon loved new things, Carrots and running up hills. Over the years, Firecon's Job has changed.  As a young horse, he was Liz's personal saddle horse and truly enjoyed trail rides and loafing around at the farm.  

When Liz began to develop her skills as a therapist, Firecon was her first therapy horse and schooling pony.  Liz learned a lot from Firecon and he quickly became and remained a trusted leader on the farm. Later he was a favorite during summer camp and had begun to learn to jump.   He had a keen sense of fairness and was quick to enjoy a joke especially if it was on someone else.  His nose was always the first over his door to greet people in the barn.  He leaves big shoes to fill and we miss his nickers and bright spirit.


SIMPLY MAGIC was a registered polish arabian mare who moved to Jake's Flat Farm in the late 90's.  Magic was a gentle soul who touched adults and children alike.  She was a favorite lesson and therapy horse.  Magic was a retired broodmare before coming to us and spent her time looking for babies.  She cared for ponies and children with the same patience and gentle spirit.  Magic holds a special place in our hearts and memories.




GALACE ARABY "Lance"  was Liz's first arabian horse.  Lance was a grey polish arabian who was a competitive athlete.  Lance is the inspiration for the flying white horse in the water color found on our summer camp flyers.  Lance had a big personality and a huge heart.  Lance and Liz spent many hours together both in the saddle and on the ground.





Jake's Flat Farm has been home to a number of UK Shetland Ponies.  Tucker, Dugan, Pumpkin, Emma, Maddie, Peanut Butter, and Jelly are all Ponies provided to our program by Personal Ponies.  A non profit organization dedicated to providing access to ponies for children and adults with chronic illness or disabilities.  We have housed ponies for many years.  As we have moved away from horse camps and therapy for small children, we rehomed ponies with other facilities dedicated to providing this service such as Shining Hope where Dugan and Tucker now live.